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    One centralized account manager and one team managing your
    global tax strategy.

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    With over 20 years of client service experience our professionals can help you
    achieve your strategic tax and accounting objectives.

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    Personal Advice. Global Perspective.

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    Cross-border business matters can easily be addressed.

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CST Personal Advice. Global Perspective.

Our business provides expatriate individuals and international business clients with integrated tax accounting and structuring advice for their home market and the international markets in which they operate.

As a client of CST we  have empathy with your facts and circumstances, a focus on executing tax and or business solutions for you while we add value in the way we present information to you and deliver our services.

As one of the few firms that focus on Expatland, we understand that the needs of the global expat are very different to that of domestically based clients. Expatland has over 230M inhabitants.

If Expatland was a single country it would be the 5th largest country in the world after China, India, the US and Brazil. As a distinct market – Global Expats present an extremely wide and diverse class of person. For more info on Expatland Click here.

CST has built a global reputation by delivering on the above undertaking. Our global alliance of member firms ensures that we can provide you with international coverage on your tax advisory accounting and structuring needs. This allows you to benefit by having one team managing your global tax strategy. We call this the CST difference.

Why CST?

Our personal level of service ensures that whatever your requirements you are treated in a manner that recognises you for who you are. We have specialist resources that have the technical and industry knowledge to provide both professional advice and practical solutions.

If your needs require services we do not provide e.g. financial advisory, legal of valuation services we have extensive alliances with global service providers that can assist you achieve your objectives. Please refer to our Strategic Alliances Partners page to see firms with which we work. We often work with in country advisors to ensure that our input as tax advisors and accountants is timely and appropriate to the client’s particular circumstances.

Our professionals through a combination of academic qualifications and practical experience are able to provide you with guidance and solutions to a wide range of tax, business and accounting issues. Our view is that by us ‘integrating’ your home country tax issues with your arrival country tax issues you will be in a better position than working with different service providers.

Strategic Alliance Partners